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The Talented Djane is Attached to Minimal Music

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - We caught Virag Voksan at the annual Story Gala for a short interview about her upcoming plans and music productions. She was also explaining that though in most clubs all over the world "require" a certain level of commercial style in music and in the sets of the invited guest djs, deep in her heart she loves minimal and progressive beats the most...


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DJ FLOWER will be a Headliner at the Brazilian Carnival

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - It's not an exaggeration to claim that Dj Flower aka Virag Voksan is on the fast lane towards world wide fame. She got invited to play amongst the "big ones" like Yves Larock, Tocadisco, NERVO, Dj Motiv8 (from Black Eyed Peas) and Charles Lima at the world famous yearly announced Brazilian carnival in 2013!

In the interview, she outlines that one of her big dream came true, she always wanted to see Brazil and the carnival, and she was brave enough to dream big that she will also play there one day as a dj...Well...her dream came true...


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Flew from Minus to +20 degrees

MARBELLA, SPAIN - Virag Voksan flew from minus 20 to plus 20 degrees within just a few days. The international dj girl played in Montreal, Canada for NYE 2013, where the temperature was way below O degrees...After her set @ Red Lite Afterhours club, the next day she was already on the plane heading towards sunny Spain to Marbella. On the beach the temperature was slightly 40 degrees higher than back in Montreal, so she not only had to travel through timezones, but also adjust to the great changes in temperature...Dj Flower has many requests from all over the world, like Egypt, Jordan and she will soon also return to Mexico for another tour as well. She is getting well known in Montreal as well, she got already recognized while shopping in a mall over there.


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Exclusive World Tour with the Sexy and Talented Djane

Exclusive World Tour with the world famous talented and sexy Djane Flower. America, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mexico, Turkey and Egypt, are only a few places where she has been spinning just within the past 2 months and where she is collecting at least as many fans through her excellent music like in Hungary she already did.

Since in her home country, she became well known first as Playmate of the Year, in the world it happened the other way around. DJ Flower, Flower of the world is spinning as fast as spinning disks. She is also doing some tours in exotic countries, whereas she is travelling that far not only for 1 single gig, but rather minimum 3-4 of them. Right now she is packing her suitcase, since the next destination is Dubai again, where she will be performing in one of the best venues of the country: club ARMANI / PRIVÉ.


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FHM-Selected between Top100 International Women

TURKEY - The former bunny girl, who has devoted her life to music entirely since 6 years, was selected between the "Top 100" International women by Turkish FHM Magazine! In the special edition of the world-wide famous and respected mens magazine, her name and picture is listed among such great world famous stars and celebrities such as Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, or Nicole Scherzinger ... just to name only a few. Flower, however is particularly proud to be mentioned as a DJ and not as a Playmate.





Virag Voksan became a Schizophrenic for a Day!

According to the Djane, the main character in her brand new music video is a little bit like her, 2-sided, so that she didn't have to fake it at all while shooting the music video...

Shooting the Brand New Music Video "Are u ready"

Dj Flower has just shot her new music video for her new hit single: 'Are u ready'.

In Hospital in INDIA

GOA,INDIA - Virag Voksan ended up in hospital while touring in INDIA!

Spinning in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE - Dj Flower returns to Dubai with pleasure anytime, since she fell in love with the city from the first time she ever played over there...